THE NEWS: Touch of Luxury - Blink Living & Kolbi

blink living and kolbi

Interior Designer: Jessica Brown 
Location: Minyama Island, Sunshine Coast 

Nestled amongst the breathtaking beauty of Noosa, Blink Living is dedicated to crafting spaces that reflect the quality and luxury of a property whilst drawing inspiration from the serene surroundings to curate interiors that epitomize coastal elegance.

Why Kolbi? 

Blink Living's inspiration for this project was the interior finishes, with the aim to craft an aesthetic that mirrors the calibre of the home.  

The selection of the Elder Star Sofa was meticulously thought out, with the goal of seamlessly blending this piece into the space whilst adding a touch of luxury. The tone of the Copeland Hazel fabric complemented the finishes with its striking contrast. 

To harmonise this expansive space, Blink Living selected the Cotton Star Armchair to compliment the Elder Star Sofa. These armchairs match the sofa's style and enhance the visual impact of the setting.  

The Juniper Pearl Sofa stands out as Blink Living's favourite in the Kolbi range. With its unparalleled comfort and style, this piece offers a versatility that enables effortless use in various spaces. The diverse range of fabric options also provides a tailored solution for any style preference or palette requirement. 

The Minyama Island project provided Blink Living the opportunity to work with a diverse range of textures on a considerable scale. The challenge of choosing furniture that not only fit the space but also elevated the quality was achieved by the inclusion of furniture such as the Elder Star Sofa, and these choices were instrumental in creating a welcoming and comfortable ambiance.  

Blink Living's approach to curated design, combined with the luxurious, comfortable and stylish feel of Kolbi’s collection is a match made in styling heaven.