Product Care

All Kolbi products are designed with every commercial sensibility. Engineered to last and withstand heavy use. That said, there are always preferred methods to care for your new products.

General Care Instructions 

You’re reading the care instructions, this is great news, it means you probably already know that surfaces should be cared for differently depending on what they are made of. If you follow the care instructions for your Kolbi piece it will look amazing for years to come.

For all products please;

  • Avoid contact with substances that contain an acidic component as they may damage the product, this includes citric foods/drinks and some adhesive tapes.
  • Avoid contact with high pigment liquids, food and objects that may cause colour transfer.
  • Avoid dampness and prolonged water exposure as this will damage the material (timber, fabric or stone).
  • Take care when moving your pieces. It is always recommended to disassemble your table for example, to reduce the overall weight and avoid exerting pressure on joints and hinges. This also safeguards your surfaces from scratch marks.

For all fabric care instructions and warrantly, please refer to where you can access full product specifications. For detailed resources please click here.


Timber Veneer 

Timber veneer enables us to use natural timber properites to our advantage. It has the ability to take on curved shapes and sufaces, which allows us to push our designs further whilst maintaining a sleek timber finish. Timber veneer is also less likely to be impacted by conditions that effect solid wood such as warping, splitting or movement as seasons change.

The application of timber veneer to a solid base often results in a significantly stronger structure. Timber veneer, like solid timber can be impacted by its environment. If you have any concerns around the suitability of a product before purchasing, we recomend getting in touch with our team.

  • Regularly remove dust using a soft clean cloth (such as microfibre) or feather duster. If you choose to use a wet cloth, you will need to also dry off with a dry cloth to prevent streaking marks cause by excess water. 
  • Immediately clean spillage of any and all liquids with a damp cloth and dry. 
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and fabrics that may scratch the surface or finish
  • Keep products out of direct sunlight or an area that has a high concentration of UV Rays. Timber and timber veneer is a natural product, it is reactive to its environment and therefore can change colour or tone if subjected to direct or indirect sunlight and humidity.
  • Due to the natural state of the timber, be mindful when applying undue preassure by writing on the veneer surface as it can leave impression marks.
  • Use coasters, placemats, table cloths and table runners to protect the surface.
  • If you choose to polish or clean your veneer item with a product or solvent, you should always try it out in an inconspicuous area to see how the veneer will react to it. 
  • Take extra care to protect your surfaces from heated objects and candles


Marble & Stone products

No two pieces of stone or marble are the same, but this is why we love designing with those materials so much. Marble products have an elevated appeal that adds dimension to any space. Marble develops its own colour, texture, density and veining which makes each piece unique. This also means that minor pitting and or surface fissures are a normal characteristic of natural stones. These are not considered defects, rather part of the natural beauty of the stone. Marble and natural stone is not scratch proof, and therefore small nicks and / or scratches are considered general wear and tear and are not covered by warranty. 

  • Regularly remove dust using a soft clean cloth (such as microfibre) or feather duster.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and fabrics that may scratch the surface or finish.
  • Immediately clean spillage of any and all liquids with a damp cloth and dry. 
  • Wash the surface in a small overlapping, sweeping motion and then dry off with a soft clean cloth to prevent spotting. 
  • Any spills that are left to sit on the surface will end up permanently marking the stone, please wipe away immediately to avoid this. 
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and fabrics that may scratch the surface or finish.



  • We recommend vacuuming regularly with a soft upholstery attachment. Dirt and body moisture can lead to a build up of grime and cause discolouration to the fabric. 
  • We reccomend using a professional dry cleaning service at least once a year.
  • Avoid placing fabric products in direct sun as the UV Rays can fade and damage the fabric.
  • Use curtains or blinds to protect fabric products from sunlight through windows and doors. 
  • Clean spills immediately by dabbing spill with absorbant paper or white, non abrasive cloth, and then remove the stain. Wash only using colourless and mild soap suds (not detergent).
  • Temporary pilling can happen with some fabrics. This is not considered a fault of the fabric and can be removed with a pill removal machine. The release of excess fibre results in small balls or ‘pills’ forming on the surface of the material. This condition is not covered under warranty by the fabric mills, as it is not a defect. It is simply excess material being released.
  • Pilling will ease over time and ultimately deminish. 
  • Always lift furniture carefully with two people when moving items around and never drag.
  • Do not sit on the arms of the sofa, This will deform the the foam on the sofa and by doing so will void the warranty. 


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