INTRODUCING KOLBI: Redefining Australian Furniture Design

In the heart of Australia's vibrant design landscape, Kolbi emerges as a beacon of innovation, reshaping the way we perceive interiors. We are not just a furniture company; we are a movement that challenges conventions, giving birth to a new era of design. Created by a team of rebellious visionaries, Kolbi aims to revolutionize the Australian furniture industry and breathe fresh life into spaces.

Kolbi is the brainchild of Jessica Kolb, Ashlee Hall, Val Nzvimbo, and Alistair Scarrott – a collective of creative disruptors who refused to conform to the status quo. Fueled by frustration and an insatiable desire to make a difference, they forged a brand that defies norms and ushers in a new wave of artistic expression. Each member brings a unique blend of experience and perspective, enriching the brand with their distinctive backgrounds.


At the heart of Kolbi's essence lies Jessica Kolb and Ashlee Hall, the dynamic duo steering the ship of creativity and product design. With 20 years of experience in Interior Design and Marketing, Jess Kolb infuses her designs with a depth that only time can bring. Ashlee Hall, with a decade of design and manufacturing under her belt, brings a fresh, innovative perspective forged through years of working across diverse creative realms.


Val Nzvimbo leads our sales team, injecting the brand with vitality through genuine relationships and exceptional customer service. With two decades of experience in the furniture sales arena, Val is more than a salesperson – He's a storyteller, narrating the narrative of Kolbi with every interaction.


Alistair Scarrott, our CFO, bridges the creative realm with business acumen. With 25 years of global financial experience, Al's strategic insights into operations and finance fortify the brand's creative foundation. His understanding ensures that Kolbi is not just visionary but also grounded in sound business practices.


Kolbi isn't just a furniture company; it's a movement that seeks to redefine how we inhabit spaces. Our journey isn't about conforming; it's about disrupting and creating. Join us in challenging conventions, embracing the unexpected, and celebrating the boundless creativity that lies within every design. With Kolbi, your spaces won't just be adorned; they'll be transformed into reflections of your individuality. Welcome to the revolution. Welcome to Kolbi.