Tide Eclipse Side Table


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Specifications & Dimensions

Height: 600mm

Width: 400mm

Cylendar Height: 300mm

Ball Height: 200mm

Curved top height: 100mm

Assembly Instructions

No Assembly required.


No two pieces of stone or marble are the same, but this is why we love designing with those materials so much. Marble products have an elevated appeal that adds dimension to any space. Marble develops its own color, texture, density, and veining which makes each piece unique. This also means that minor pitting and or surface fissures are normal characteristics of natural stones. These are not considered defects, but rather part of the natural beauty of the stone. Marble and natural stone are not scratch-proof, and therefore small nicks and/or scratches are considered general wear and tear and are not covered by warranty. 

  • Regularly remove dust using a soft clean cloth (such as microfibre) or feather duster.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and fabrics that may scratch the surface or finish.
  • Immediately clean spillage of any and all liquids with a damp cloth and dry. 
  • Wash the surface in a small overlapping, sweeping motion and then dry off with a soft clean cloth to prevent spotting. 
  • Any spills that are left to sit on the surface will end up permanently marking the stone, please wipe away immediately to avoid this. 
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and fabrics that may scratch the surface or finish

1 x crated box. Proceed to cart for cost estimation.

Our marble products are made from single slabs, handcrafted into the amazing shapes on offer. The Tide Eclipse Side table and its unique shape help to showcase much more marble veins and patterns. Available in 4 amazing marbles.

No Pattern is the same, as each stone comes with its own unique variations. This includes colour, veining, and textural variations. Slight imperfections are part of the handmade process when working with natural materials. This is what makes each piece unique and should be expected.

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