THE NEWS: Curated Penthouse Interiors with BLOK Design Co.

THE NEWS: Curated Penthouse Interiors with BLOK Design Co.

Interior Designer: BLOK Interior Design  
Location: New Farm, Brisbane 

BLOK Interior Design seamlessly combines emotion and professionalism to celebrate unique identities.

A desire to downsize and a unique property purchase led to BLOK Design Co. being hired to create a bold interior concept. The goal was to blend antique pieces and existing furniture with new elements, resulting in a space that felt ready to move into.

Why Kolbi?  

BLOK Design Co. quickly brought the home to life, creating spaces where style and functionality worked in harmony. Featuring treasured antiques and personal artwork, they curated a warm and luxurious design that balanced the old with the new.

BLOK embraced the home's existing bold wallpaper, brass fittings and quirky style while maintaining an aesthetic that resonated with the client. They revitalised antiques and presented them in a contemporary setting, pairing them with modern furniture and artwork.

Timeless and honest furniture adds personality and character to each room.

Despite downsizing, the clients still needed a spacious dining table for everyday use and entertaining. The Desert Moon Dining Table fit this need perfectly, becoming the centrepiece of the home.

The Dune Rise Buffet Unit in Walnut, complements the living and dining space with its statement design and ample storage.

In the formal living area, BLOK paired the clients' neutral lounges with Kolbi’s elegant Cotton Star Armchair for additional seating with the Love Star Coffee Table and Luna Moon Side Table adding moodiness and drama to this space whilst remaining practical.

The Grounded Dune Bedside Tables in Walnut continue the warm tones throughout the master suite, balancing with the dark finishes and fittings.

BLOK’s choice of Walnut and warm tones in the Kolbi pieces adds a warmth to the spaces whilst also complementing the home's finishes and furnishings. Through the seamless incorporation of the clients' unique pieces, BLOK has created a layered interior that transcends time.

“These practical, functional designer pieces carry warmth throughout the home and are in keeping with a cohesive and contemporary design”


‘Kolbi - It’s a lifestyle investment. Versatile furniture that does not compromise on quality’