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THE NEWS: Unveiling Inspirations with The Property Stylists

Property Stylist: The Property Stylist 
Location: SYDNEY 

The Property Stylist: A bespoke styling and design agency based in Sydney. Working collaboratively with some of Sydney’s leading real estate groups and boutique agencies, The Property Stylist has presented more that 5,000 properties to market. A personalised, tailored service with a creative curated approach. 

Unveiling Inspirations 

Featuring euro-inspired curves and arches, sandy toned travertine floors and a pared-back neutral palette The Property Stylist took their cue for this project from the home’s mediterranean vibes. From the architecture to the decor, every aspect of the space seemed to work together harmoniously, creating a visually striking environment that exuded warmth and charm. Showcasing a thoughtful approach to design with a carefully considered layout and interior decoration, they created an easy, breezy ambience and brought a cozy, earthy feel to the whole space through the incorporation of some inspired pieces from our collection.   

Why Kolbi?  

It is the simplistic curve of the Juniper Pearl Sofa that sets it apart. Oozing charm and contemporary flair, you can’t go past this divine shape to elevate the styling of any space.  

The elegant contours and natural hues of the Mountain Drift Sofa effortlessly summon the tranquil vistas of the Mediterranean. Combined with the rippled timber base and distinctive curve of the Oat Tide Arm Chair both pieces with their plush finishes promise luxurious relaxation. 

The Desert Moon Dining Table is understated sophistication with its clean lines and simplistic design and the Elder Star Sofa is a first impression all of its own. The ultimate piece in any stylist's handbook, this sofa takes family comfort to the ultimate level without compromising on luxury.  

The Property Stylist obsession with our Ripple Star Buffet and its intricate ripple motif is real. ‘We love its craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Its innovative design seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with functional versatility.’ 

The Standout Project: A Symphony of Details 

With an insightful knowledge about what looks good and what attracts, and over a decade of experience in interior design, property styling, high-end furniture and real estate investment, this team of imaginative experts creatively transforms any space into a showpiece of elevated luxury and unforgettable style. 

The Property Stylists’ established relationships with a range of unique designers allow access to exquisite one-off pieces, that give their projects an individual edge and a high-end aesthetic. We are so proud to be on this exclusive list and love seeing our versatile pieces in the inspired spaces that this incredible team curate.  

Working with KOLBI was an absolute delight. Not only are their products stunning but they boast a remarkable durability that truly stands the test of time. Their customer service is top-notch and their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction is truly commendable. Partnering with Kolbi on this project has been a fantastic experience, and we look forward to many more collaborations in the future.  

‘These pieces won’t ever go out of style, making them a worthwhile investment.’